Concrete Finance

Our business goal is the implementation
of successful infrastructure

About us

Concrete Finance is a global financial advisory firm. Its goal is the successful implementation of infrastructure projects by applying a new business concept:

  • to bring financial solutions at the early stages of the project cycle, before procurement is launched and the supply-chain identified and selected;
  • to “blend” all type of resources available from public and private sources, equity and debt;
  • to turn all players into stakeholders in the projects and countries of operations.

Concrete Finance is connecting the many players in infrastructure projects: the owner and/or borrower; the contractor and its supply-chain; the financial industry (investors, lenders and guarantors). It has an extended geographical network, covering both advanced markets (where many public and private financial players are based) and emerging markets (where the demand for infrastructure is higher and urgent).

Concrete Finance, aims to turn “money”, itself a good devoid of qualities, in “concrete” assets, like infrastructure, with the purpose of improving the livelihood of the people in the emerging part of the world.

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What we do

  • Our Business

    Concrete Finance’s business focuses on the implementation of successful infrastructures in emerging markets.

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  • Our Markets

    Emerging Markets need adequate infrastructures to raise productivity and to attain solid growth.

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  • Our Model

    Together with the client, Concrete Finance can identify the most efficient solution.

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Transaction Experience

Our business goal is to implement successful infrastructure in emerging markets, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, through the efficient financial structuring.complex projects.


CMC bid successfully for the Kenyan Government tender for the construction of the Itare dam. Besides dam construction, the project...


CMC successfully bid, in joint venture with another major Italian infrastructure company, for the Kerio Valley Development Authority tender for...

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